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Pixel Cube

our commercial, coming December 2023

What is the Pixel Cube Project?

  • 2 minutes

  • Spec-Spot

  • Product launch and explainer

  • to customers in the film industry with specialist knowledge

The Pixel Cube is a new product from Awesome Pixels, the DIT experts from southern Germany. It's a new way of backing up and processing data on the film set.

The movie begins with a scene that could have come from a 1940s film noir. Ilsa tries to convince Rick to follow his lover and forget about last night. The director has an objection to this and we see the movie set revealing itself around the two actors. We move away from the scene and the presenter enters the picture.

She tells us about the great new product that is being used here, but is interrupted several times. She continues her story through the slight chaos of the film set until we finally arrive at the production office. Behind the door is the Pixel Cube. Spotlight on and ethereal music.

The voice-over continues with the various capabilities of the Pixel Cube. Intercut with pictures of real applications. After a brief summary of all the advantages, we move away from the Pixel Cube and back to the set, where the next take is already being filmed.

The part of the presenter

  • female

  • around 30-35 years old

  • medium-high stature

  • athletic build

  • native German speaker

The presenter guides us through the movie in a charismatic, bright and sometimes ironic but also very enthusiastic way. She is excited about the possibilities offered by the Pixel Cube and wants to show us how this technological progress could also find its place on our film sets.

She speaks to us partly directly, through the camera, but also through many voice-over parts.


Knowledge of English required, as there are many technical terms in English.

Shooting dates & filming locations:

Ulm, Neu-Ulm and surrounding area

Tell us who you are!

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