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Automated backups.

All the backups. Checksum verified. Your file structure. LTO & cloud integrated. Beautiful reports.
All automated.

It is a service.

Full workflow setup included. Our DITs monitor the process on set remotely. Anything went wrong? We are on site within the shortest possible time and take care of it.

Transcoding on board.

Proxies, dailies, editorials, rushes. You name it. It all gets uploaded right where you need it and exactly as you need it. Even with grading, sound and metadata.

From €150 per day.

Get your Remote-DIT by the hour.

Available Now.


Filmmaking 4.0 (or whatever you call it)

Crazy fast copying & verification

LockitNetwork Metadata

Instant dailies

Audio sync

Delivery and pickup

Edit ready proxies

Your file structure

DIT knowlege

Dual 5G internet

Raw codecs supported

Remote and on site support

Workflow setup

Quality check

Camera cards prepared by o/PARASHOOT

V-Mount battery powered

Backup on shuttle drives, RAIDs and archive LTO


Talk about a project?

Joshua Park

Awesome workflow designer (EN/DE)

Developed by

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