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We shoot the thing.

High-quality technology is essential but not sufficient to create outstanding films. What it truly takes is a cohesive team with the right vision: The Pixel Unit. It serves as the core of each of our productions, comprised of a Director, DP and Assistants.

Showreel Pixel Unit 2023

Stadt Blaustein Bauhof | Recruiting
Transporeon | Recruiting
GLAESER home | mia300
Zeifang | Recruiting
JB-Lighting | P18 MK2
Müllerblaustein | Azubi
Griffwerk | PLANEO smart2lock
JB-Lighting | P9


We have our own carefully selected equipment with us, which we know very well and which makes us very flexible. 

NEW! RED V-Raptor 8K 120fps

Munich & Ulm Filmproduction

We create awesome pixels! We? We are Boris, Carla, Emanuel, Isabelle, Joshua, Lena, Petra, Raja, Roman and Tilman. On average, we are 25 years old. We are a hand-picked, well-coordinated team that makes anything possible in the world of film. And now, we collaborate with our idols from Hollywood, which makes us incredibly proud - and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Our portfolio spans across all stages of film production: from grading for cinema movies, to soundpost for TV series, to providing specialized technical services on the largest film sets. Specifically, this means: we shoot in South Africa for the large LED sphere, The Sphere, for Porsche in Los Angeles, for BMW in Lisbon, for VW in the Hyperbowl, for Mercedes, Sixt and MAN. We combine the expertise of the world's largest film productions with the latest technologies and bring them to you.

Because this is where we started: producing films for medium-sized businesses - and this is where our heart lies. We love bringing your audiovisual wishes to life. After all, what better way to convey your values and messages to the world than through film? Each of us has turned our own passion into a profession through Awesome Pixels, and we promise to make our work palpable for companies like müllerblaustein, Sparkasse Ulm, the city of Blaustein, Hochschule Neu-Ulm, JB-Lighting, Liebherr, the German Red Cross... and perhaps your company too!


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